Conor Oberst's Solo Spot Explained

Being a big Bright Eyes fan, an eyebrow was raised at seeing Conor Oberst on the Electric Picnic bill. Bright Eyes is essentially 'The Conor Oberst Show', so a solo spot seemed odd. I was expecting a one-man-and-a-guitar kinda thing, but that is apparently not the case.

Oberst has in fact recorded a solo album, backed up in a Bright Eyes fashion by a group of his mates (including M. Ward & Rilo Kiley's Jason Boesel) who are being called the 'Mystic Valley Band'. It's this setup that Picnic goers will be seeing.

The album, which I can only assume that it's to be titled Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band, was recorded in Mexico, and produced by Oberst with help from Now It's Overhead's Andy LeMaster. It's due to released on August 4th.

It seems a lot of their tracks are available to check out on youtube (click), but for mp3 tasters and a full album tracklisting check out the read more...

Here are two tracks from Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band's performance at SXSW last month.

Let Them In:

Click for mp3

Cape Canaveral:

Click for mp3

Album tracklisting:

'Cape Cañaveral'
'Lenders In The Temple'
'Danny Callahan'
'I Don’t Want To Die (In The Hospital)'
'Eagle On A Pole'
'NYC -- Gone, Gone'
'Valle Místico (Ruben's Song)'
'Souled Out!!!'
'Milk Thistle'

Convinced? Tickets for Electric Picnic are still available here.

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