papier tigre hangover mix 13


This weeks hangover mix comes from Arthur de La Grandiere of the French trio papier tigre.
the mix is a little different then others as it slaps you in the face (urging you to snap out of your hangover) and soothing you back before slapping you again , download and see what i mean.

1. It's like fucking a napkin full of toenails -American Heritage
2. A dog's life - Nina Nastasia
3. Drinking at the dam - Smog
4. Aotkpta - The Locust
5. Big city secret - Joseph Arthur
6. Bellamy Straat Straat - Britta Persson
7. Horse - Adebisi Shank
8. Peacebone - Animal Collective
9. Cigarette girl from the future - Beauty Pill
10. Race Out - Battles
Some really amazing tunes on this , dont let the heavier songs put you off,

Go to papier tigre myspace page where they have two new songs up for your listening pleasure and you can also buy their cds there through pay pal. I totally recommend their last cd.

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