Pete Doherty Goes To Jail

As can be seen from Bob's post below, No-Talent-Scumbag Pete Doherty has been sentenced to up to fourteen weeks of jail time.

Being a filthy knacker, Doherty (pictured right, with cowboy friend) has been in trouble with the law on several occasions in the past. In 2005 he spent four nights in Pentonville Prison on robbery & blackmail charges, telling the Sun upon leaving that he'd stay away from drugs and never return to prison.

Presumably this was just a case of feeding the reporter any old shit so he'd bugger off and let Doherty go about scoring some more heroin. Surprise surprise, Janruary 2006 saw the 'musician' spending thirteen nights under lock & key for possession of heroin and crack (classy).

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Once more professing to 'sort himself out', he managed to crawl (covered in his own vomit, no doubt) all the way til October 2007 before being sentenced again, this time for drug possession and dangerous driving. Instead of throwing away the key as they clearly should have done, the court gave Doherty a suspended sentence, with the threat of at least four months jail if he persisted with his campaign of scumbaggery.

Instead of participating in a rehab course and reporting regularly to court as he had been ordered, Doherty elected to smoke crack and rob the elderly of their pension money (probably), and has now had the suspended sentence thrown back at him. He was due to peddle his filthy wares at the Royal Albert Hall on April 26th, and torture the good people of Glastonbury at the end of June, but now it looks like his only performances for the foreseeable future will be in the prison showers.

So good news for Glasto fans & Pentonville ass-rapists, bad news for London crack dealers. Lets just hope next time he goes away (and there will be a next time) he stays there for good.

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