Razorlight prick to star in Irvine Welsh flick.

Apparently Johnny Borrell is to star as an Irish Murder victim in the new Irvine Welsh written film "The Meat Trade". Unfortunately the film will not in fact be snuff thus ridding us once and for all of the fucker while recording it for posterity but one can only hope that his character (which will no doubt suffer from the usual dodgy-as-fuck Irish accent) will die horribly anyway, thus giving us some kind of fantasy image to send us to sleep at night.

Personally if they were going to put him in an Irvine Welsh character then it could have been the cop from "Filth" who gets a tapeworm that makes him scratch his own hole to death, or even the Dog from "Marabou Stork Nightmares" that gets its head blown off by a bunch of fireworks. We're not that lucky unfortunately.

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