Video Of The Day 2. Down in the Hole again

Rob thinks the version of Down in the Hole from the second Season of The Wire performed by Tom Waits is the better version. I disagree. The version of the song performed by the Blind Boys of Alabama that plays on the FIRST season credits of The Wire is better. True Waits wrote the song but this version is funkier.

Okay the video sucks but the songs great.

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April 4, 2008 at 6:28 AM red said...

I've just finished the first season of the wire and was wondering if they were going to use the waits version of 'down in the hole' for the second season- the way 'house' waited to use massive attack for it's second season (is it a question of cash? waiting to see if the series is succesful?)

Anyway, I didn' know the first version was by the blind boys of alabama which nullifies my theory that they use a 'cheap' version the first time around. That said I'm with rob on the waits version- it's almost enough to make me start watching series 2 straight away.

April 4, 2008 at 1:31 PM Clockwork Rob said...

While Season 2 is really good, I found it a bit slow to get going (although I'm not great for getting in to TV shows).

I'm just finished season 3, and it's amazing. A friend of mine in an attempt to get me to watch the show in the first place referred to it as 'Shakespearean'. At the time I thought he was a loon, but after the third season I see what he meant.

And while the Blind Boys version of the theme is admittedly great, Waits' is just fantastic. What a legend...