Skinny Wolves Presents Ex Models

Ex Models play Transformer on Wednesday 14th of May
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Ex Models is a no wave-influenced band based in Brooklyn, New York
The band, based around brothers Shahin and Shahyar Motia, was started while they were in high school. They reunited after college to make their debut, Other Mathematics. It was released in 2001 on Ace Fu Records. The subject of their lyrics range from sex to Jean Baudrillard and his philosophy about Simulacra. For example, on "The Birth Of Disneyland" vocalist, Shahin Motia, sings "See the grown-ups act like children. It's a way of living." Many compare Shahin's vocals to David Byrne of Talking Heads or Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo.

Their second album, Zoo Psychology, was released two years later. It took ideas from the first album, but broke more rules. The songs became more dirty and noisy with peculiar time changes. By this time, bassist Mike Masiello left the band. Zach Lehrhoff replaced him, partaking in vocals as well.

By 2005 the band had pared down to the duo of Shahin and Zach and a 3rd album Chrome Panthers was released marking a new direction, even more repetitive and minimalist, the band dubbed Fundustrial Noise. Contributing on record and, occasionally, live was drummer Kid Millions of Oneida. Eventually the rhythms became more primal and live the band would utilize as many as three drummers.

Support on the night is from SEA DOG and BATS

Ex Models - 32 Weeks

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