Corner of Shame

Corner of shame is back this time its myspace's Artist on Artist featuring Scarlett Johansson & Debbie Harry imaginatively titled Blonde on Blonde and it doesn't get much better from there. theres a load of back slapping , they talk about other famous people they have met for Debbie Harry its Robert De Niro and for Scarlett Johansson its Peter Falk ?????. basically they are both there to hock there new albums in Scarlett case its her "where ever i lay my head" and for Harry its a 30th anniversary of Parallel Lines, they both look really bored of each other and I in turn got bored and then became more interested in the guy walking around in the studio in the background, what was his story why was he in the studio ??????

watch if you want
Artist on Artist: Scarlett Johansson & Debbie Harry

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