EX MODELS Vs. Pissed Jeans

Tonight, Skinny Wolves are hosting a club night with New York City's favorite progressive psychedelic noiseniks, EX MODELS!
But also tonight U:mack have Pissed jeanswho bring there brutal, beautiful feedback-drenched riffs to Whelans (they where amazing at ATP)
The gigs will be staggered from what i hear so that pissed jeans will be finihed before Ex Models will be on stage so if you run from Whelans to Transformer you will be able to see both
so Pissed Jeans is on in Whelans starting at eight costing €16.00 with support from Oak and Boom Jackson

And Ex Models is on in Transformer Venue, (new venue below Thomas Reads).
Doors 8.30 until 2.30 - (Bands, 9.00 - 12 midnight)
ADM : 10euro (8e if you are coming from Pissed Jeans with a stamp/ticket)
Followed by Skinny Wolves Club
w/ Skinny Wolves & guest DJs (Willie Jones - Oak /Stitchy Press) till 2:30

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