Oliver Stone takes on George W. Bush

Having already delivered a biopic of Richard Nixon, and famously addressing the Kennedy assassination with 'JFK', Director Oliver Stone is about to return his to the American Presidency, and this time his subject will be moron-extraordinaire George W. Bush.

Simply titled 'W', filming is due to commence in the next few weeks, with No Country For Old Men's Josh Brolin playing the titular idiot. As can been seen from the pic above, Brolin may not be as strange a casting choice as one might think. Don't worry, apparently the Bush-bashing we'll all expect will be present, with several amoosing scenes of GW's famous stupidity.

Plans are to knock the film out in record speed- it's expected to hit the screens before Bush leaves office, and possibly even for the election run-up. Lets hope Stone keeps true to his style and pulls no punches...

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