Tom Cruise does U-Turn

Tom Cruise has done what seems to be a gigantic change of opinion but what might also seem to be a desperate man searching desperately for attention.

A couple of years ago he criticised women (Brooke Shields in particular) that used drugs for Postpartum Depression (which you can get after you drop a sprog) as his own church/cult of scientology do not agree with it.

Cruise says: "It came out wrong, it's just not true. I was raised by four women who have children and babies. I'm not trying or want to tell anyone how to live their life or what they should believe or shouldn't believe."

Perhaps I'm being overly cynical about all this but doesn't it seem that it might finally have gotten through to Cruise that all the craziness of 2005 might have done a little something something to hurt his reputation and that he might now be trying to get it back again in time for his next blockbuster. Hmm I say. The length of time we have to wait before he denounces scientology altogether remains to be seen.

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