The Vinny Club album launch party (fuck yeah)

viiny club album launch

The Vinny Club is the lovechild of Vinny, bassist in cult Irish band Adebisi Shank. Born out of a dangerous obsession with 8-bit video games and 80's action movies, his unique brand of synth pop fun will leave you with a boner in your pants and a grin on your face. By age 11 Vinny had constructed a makeshift recording studio under his bed where he retreated to for hours on end. His first release was 2007's Tech Noir EP which garnered rave reviews despite being available as a cassette only release, on his own, "Vince Rekyrds". Next came 2008's Rocky IV Reckyrd, a concept album based around the fourth Rocky movie. It's an album bursting with glitchy synth pop fun, super fast melodies, whip cracking sexy beats and more funky basslines than you can shake a joystick at.

The Richter Collective presents:

The Vinny Club album launch party
Andrews Lane Theatre

Vinny Club - Tech Noir Grand Re-Opening

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