So I've been listening to the new Weezer album now for a while and well...... its ok (all in all i would give it 5 out of 10). Im slowly coming to the realization to the fact that i don't think Weezer will ever reach the giddy heights of Pinkerton. I think my main problem with the album is that Weezer/rivers has lost some of there/his rawness and all the albums since Pinkerton (one of my favorite albums of all time and probably the best break up album of all time) have felt cold to me.

But this it not the point of this post , the point is i was in a friends house and flicking through is itunes came across some Ozma, and the song in question "Battlescars" and i feel this song could fit seemly into the tracklisting for the blue album , it has all the trademark Wezzer hooks (thats not to say i don't think Omza are a good band in their own right just on some of their songs its very hard to shake the Weezer comparisons). listen and see what i mean

MP3>Ozma - Battlescars

Quite interested in other peoples thoughts on the new Weezer album

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