Marvins Revolt pick the egoeccentric Hangover Mixtape Vol. 20

This weekend curer in the form of a mixtape comes from Marvins Revolt's Klaus. Marvins Revolt is a three-piece out of Copenhagen, Denmark (who mutate into a four-piece live) making angular and catchy tunes. Touched by sounds from the present and the past, but forging their own path, regardless of scenes or trends. The songs appear as intense, challenging and melodic structures, with disregard for songwriting rules.

1. Low – Murderer
2. Clouddead - Dead Dogs two
3. Portishead – Machine Gun
4. American Analog Set - Born On The Cusp
5. Mother Sparrow – Bathe
6. Minus The Bear - Burying Luck
7. Radio Dept. - Worst Taste In Music
8. Pinback - Hurley
9. Why? – Gemini
10. 13 + God - Men of Station

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Marvins Revolt - Deliberate Deeds

Marvins Revolt are currently writing their new album, a follow up to "Killec" released on Popular Records

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