The Most Serene Republic play Whelans

With the second of two damn fine albums just released The Most Serene Republic visit these shores for an intimate show in Whelans.

You'll be seeing more of them around these parts in the near future but for the time being click on the read more for a run down of the gig.

Cheers to Katy Chan for the snaps,

It really is unusual the small number of patrons who assemble in Whelans to see The Most Serene Republic. Could it be that everybody else is off checking out Joy Zipper and Spiritualized who are playing elsewhere in the city or could it be that there is just too many good gigs on at the moment that people can't handle the mighty dent this inevitably puts on one's wallet. I choose to blame the lack of advertising which is ludicrously poor, so much so that the venue itself does not even display a poster for the band in the window.

It really is a shame that this has happened but those who are lucky to see one of Canada's finest exports are treated to what they themselves refer to as an "intimate VIP gig" where at several points throughout the audience are presented with the oppurtunity to request songs. Little is needed in the way of requesting however as they pretty much lash through all the best stuff from their two albums "Underwater Cinematographer" and the (yet to be released here but available on Itunes) "Population".

Throughout the gig it becomes clear that this is a band of two halfs. There's the out there stream-of conciousness persona as presented by vocalist/trombone player Adrian and there's the more grounded dry wit of Keyboardist Ryan who occasionaly has to interrupt Adrian's rambles so that the next song can commence. The rest of the band fit in comfortably between these two extremes.

Its testament to the dedication of the band that they are able to go on a jaunt such as this whistle stop tour of Ireland and Europe with such a large numbered group as they are and their love of what they do comes through clearly in their stage performance and appears to be unhampered despite the lack of audience in attendance.

So worth checking out? Hell yes. As I said earlier we'll have more from this chappies (and chappettes) around here very shortly but for the time being have a gander at a few of their tunes down below:

The Men Who Live Upstairs

Oh God

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June 3, 2008 at 10:21 PM Longman Oz said...

had a ticket, but could not make it! fiddlestix to that. they're a damn fine band.

like the whole requests idea!