music I can't get out of my head

so more music i can't get out of my head this time it takes the form of London based Dinocore/ Disastercore/ Robotcore/ Tyrantcore 4 piece Down I go
The song in question is off their new record Tyrant which is about famous and not so famous tyrannical world leaders throughout history, including Pol Pot, George Bush, Josef Stalin, Ariel Sharon and many more, and it sounds like Henry VIII’s syphilitic ulcers bursting, Ivan the Terrible beating his pregnant daughter in law and causing her to miscarry, Turkmenbashi’s 12 metre high gold statue of himself rotating to face the sun, Israel growing at the expense of others, mass graves being filled with murdered Cambodians, Romanians queueing for bread.

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the song is Nicolae Ceaucescu heres what wiki had to say about him.
Nicolae Ceau┼čescu (January 26, 1918–December 25, 1989) was the leader of Romania from 1965 until December 1989, when a revolution and coup removed him from power. The self-called revolutionaries' representatives held a two-hour trial and sentenced him to death for crimes against the state, genocide, and "undermining the national economy."The hasty trial has been criticized as a kangaroo court. His subsequent execution marked the final act of the Revolutions of 1989.

Now lets see what the Down i go lyrics say about him
Tear them down!
Demolish old buildings to make space for new buildings to fill with tiny comrades.
Have Children! More Children!
Ceaucescu has amassed an unaffordable loan to pay for all buildings and all of the oversized families.
Families are starving while the food is shipped out. The darkened shelves are empty and the house is getting colder.
The television says that nobody's going to starve, but supposed record harvests never make it to the hungry people who have HIV and orphans in the streets.
A smiling leader in denial flanked by secret police.

Steaming>Down I go - Nicolae Ceaucescu

so a video i guess of down i go is in other, since i posted an actaul music video of theirs last time i talked about them heres them playing live , its a song off this is Disastercore called Gigantic! Titanic! (can you guess what its about).

Down I go - Gigantic! Titanic!

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