Don Caballero have revealed the tracklisting for their new album called Punkgasm(Punkgasm was recorded in spring 2008 at Rust Belt Studios in Royal Oak, Michigan). As some might know the band broke up in 2000, with other members going there own way (Ian Willaims forming battles and Eric Emm with Good Morning).Drummer Damon Che recruited new personnel for a reconstituted Don Caballero in 2003 (this is the second album under this new lineup).
tracklisting in the read more

Punkgasm tracklisting

Loudest Shop Vac In The World’
‘The Irrespective Dick Area’
‘Bulk Eye’
‘Shit Kids Galore’
‘Celestial Dusty Groove’
‘Pour You Into The Rug’
‘Challenge Jets’
‘Lord Krepelka’
‘Why Is The Couch Always Wet?’
‘Slaughbaugh's Ought Not Own Dog Data’
‘Dirty Looks’
‘Who's A Puppy Cat’
‘Awe Man That's Jive Skip’

heres what Drummer Che had to say about the album as they where recording it
"I know this sounds like an obligatory and potentially phony statement but, I at least, firmly believe this will be the "best Caballero yet"

Mp3>Don Caballero - Bulk Eye

Punkgasm is due out 19/08/08 from Replase

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