Top 5 "Impostor" Songs a.k.a. Songs I always thought were by a different artist

Ever heard a song that you've been familiar with for years and years or at least knew it well enough to hum along to but then you find out, "Holy Shit, I always thought somebody else did it". Well I have on a few occasions in my life and so I introduce my Top 5 "Holy shit so thats who does the song".

You might look at these and wonder how I ever got these confused but with some of them there is definitely reasoning in my brain thoughts for why I would have made the mistake.

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5. Stuck in the Middle With you - Stealer's Wheel

Scottish band Stealers Wheel were one hit wonders in the early 70's with this track before breaking up after three albums in 1975. This song, which gained more popularity from its use in Reservoir Dogs, was their one big hit in 1973. Former member Gerry Rafferty is also famous for his huge hit "Baker Street". "Stuck in the middle...has a folksy rock and roll, acoustic led riff with a husky whiny voice that spouts rambling but oddly poetic lyrics, all reminiscent of a certain singer-songwriter

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I Always Thought It Was...Bob Dylan

Well I mean its obvious really. Not to mention that Steven Wright even describes it as a "Dylan-esque slice of Bubble-gum Pop" in Reservoir Dogs.

4. Love My Way - The Psychedelic Furs

Around the 80's there were quite a number of bands who sounded not unlike the The Psychedlic furs mainly due to the fact that the music is quite wishy-washy, distinctly 80's electro and with croaky vocals not unlike a certain great white duke.

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I always thought it was...David Bowie

Some people can't hear what I'm hearing in this or why I thought it was Bowie for so long but there's just something there. It might be because tonally it sounds quite like Bowie's "China Girl (or vice versa actually as "Love My Way" was out first"). I dunno. It just seems to make sense to me.

3. Candy Girl - New Edition

Featuring a young Bobby Brown before he married Whitney and became a coked out mess (probably), New Edition were one of the proto-type boy-bands in so far as they sold shit-load of records, had hoards of screaming fans and are remembered by few. Because they were very young, were all boys, were all black and not to mention their sound was deliberately designed as such they were hailed/reviled as the next level to a certain other all boy, all young, all black band. And thats where the confusion lay.

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I Always Thought It Was...The Jackson 5

Its probably because I only ever heard it in TV and Movie soundtracks I never picked up on the Electro intro or the little kind-of-rap at the beginning. It might also be because it sounds a lot like "I Want You Back" by The Jackson 5 but allegedly that was the point all along. Either way it caused me to go "Who the fuck are New Edition?" when I saw the video finally on some VH1 classics show.

2. Horse With No Name - America

Sounds so like the person I thought it was that America even addressed this fact in their anthology liner notes. There's no doubt whatsoever who it sounds like.

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I Always Thought It Was...Neil Young

While the chorus is more Simon and Garfunkel than Neil Young the rest of the song from the rhythm to the vocals are reminiscent of Canada's finest export. While the song is quite catchy and is actually a classic in its own right (especially in comparison to the rest of the shite that "America" released), the lyrics are too banal for Young and are often ridiculed sometimes famously. Randy Newman said that "the song is about a kid who thinks he's taken acid" while the late comedian Richard Jeni said "You're in the desert. There's nothing to do. Why don't you name the freakin horse". The irony of this whole matter is that the song itself knocked Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" off the Number One spot in the US.

1. Layla - Derek and the Domino's

Waily guitars, screamy blues-rock vocals. People know either two versions of "Layla". The original recorded by this Super-group in 1971 and used to great effect by Martin Scorsese in Goodfellas or the slower, practically re-written version from the MTV Unplugged performance in the early 90's.

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I Always Thought It Was...Eric Clapton

Well okay yeah this cheats a little bit because of course it was Eric Clapton but until a few years ago I had no idea about Derek and the Domino's and had no idea that Clapton had starred in yet another super-group. Still props to the man for the Unplugged performance practically doing a cover version of his own song.

*Incidentally if its unclear as to why Matt Damon's image is at the top of the post then I suggest you Watch The Talented Mr. Ripley and all should become clear.

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