Good Morning Captain the kids book.......?

Slint's hanunting epic "Good Morning Captain" the closing track off their seminal album Spiderland has been turned into of all things a children book, the man responsible for this is David Martin Static, he is the lead guitarist for Posterband - a playlist of cool things for cool kids. David has written and designed several picture books for children.
heres a description of the book
A young boy bravely struggles with bedtime as though cast adrift on scary seas. Illustrated in stark black and white images, and inspired by a popular sea ballad, Good Morning Captain inspires children to stare down some of the nightly shadows they might fear.

strange but i am very intrigued and am downloading it on pdf as i type.
you can download it on pdf for free here , or buy a physical copy here

Slint 'Good Morning, Captain' dublin aug 07

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sounds interesting!!!!here on i found similar article .