Database Re-Edit Album Out Now

Kickass Brazilian dance duo Database have released UGLYEDITS Volume 1: an album of mashups & re-edits featuring twelve tracks by Database themselves & seven bonus tracks from the likes of The Twelves, Bo$$ In Drama, Fisk, Cello Zero(NRK), Roots Rock Revolution, Fabrizio Martinelli and Midnight Martyn.

As mentioned on this page before, the album contains mash ups of artists such as Curtis Mayfield & AC/DC, and is damned good to boot. Head over to their myspace where for the next couple of days the album is available for download for free.

Here's a few tasters:

Database feat. Midnight Martyn- Party People

Database- Ulala

Fisk- Back In Black

Further listening:
Midnight Martyn- Oh Yeah; Database- Richie Got Me Dancing; Database- Fight the Power.

They're all here, so go, go!

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August 15, 2008 at 1:10 PM idíces said...

São as cachorras, u u u u,
Snao preparadas, u u u u,
As poposudas, u u u u

Ida Feldman