Krauthammer follows Hilton's lead.

Today Charles Krauthammer continued to bemoan the American Democratic party from his column syndicated in The Irish Times... this time criticising Barack Obama's policies on energy.

Apart from nitpicking what is clearly just good, general advice by portraying it as a solid proposal (or even a campaign platform) and attacking it with statistics- Krauthammer comes up with a suggestion of his own, and proceeds to explain it in depth. This proposal, to amalgamate both parties energy policies, is a bold one, and one which shall certainly earn Mr Krauthammer some admirers. What a wonderfully novel way of approaching the situation- and how sensible!

Unfortunately for Krauthammer, he was not the first to come up with this particular strategy, but was merely following the lead of one of the greatest political theorists of our time. Someone who made the same proposal only last week, not only beating Charlie to the punch, but also putting it much more eloquently than he ever could:

Surely this is just a coincidence? Great minds... etc? Except it seems not. Credit where credit's due, Mr Krauthammer!

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