New, Old, Great Music

One of the beautiful things about having so damn much music out there in the world is the fact that some gems will inevitably pass you by.

You know the ones- artists that are by all accounts excellent but for one reason or another you haven't quite gotten around to digesting them yet. There's nothing better than finally getting around to discovering these humdingers, even if some of them have been staring you in the face for eons.

Such a track was brought to my attention last night while watching the excellent 'Lars & The Real Girl' (rent it, it's great). A particularly poignant scene was soundtracked by a beautiful, kinda 80's sounding, cool love song. I went on a hunt for it's identity, and it turned out to be Talking Heads with This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody).

Now, I am of course familiar with Talking Heads, but only on a very superficial level (the extent of my knowledge would be Psycho Killer & Once In A Lifetime). Following this latest discovery I can't justifiably put off further investigation, so their back catalogue will have to be thoroughly examined.

All choruses of 'I told you so' will be entertained.

For those like me as yet uninitiated, here's the excellent song in question:

Talking Heads- This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

And for interest's sake, here's David Byrne performing the track at the Hollywood Bowl being backed up by Arcade Fire:

I wonder what the next 'you really should have known' gem will be... Anyone care to admit to any oversights on their own musical radar?

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