Bloc Party Do It Again

It seems that Bloc Party just can't stop messing with 'the way things are done'. Having rocked the industry boat with the release of Intimacy two weeks ago, the band further shook things up yesterday by announcing the release of their new single.

is to released through Wichita on October 20th, and is streaming online now on While recorded with the rest of Intimacy, the song does not feature on the album, presumably just because the band like fucking with people. Kudos.

The song is somewhere in between the new, experimental Bloc Party, and the old guitar anthem Bloc Party. Personally, I'm too happy with the new direction to think that meandering from one to the other is a good thing (give me Mercury over Talons any day), but nonetheless it's still a solid track.

Check it out for yourself:

Bloc Party- Talons

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