probably the best thing I will see today

Skip ahead to about 1:25 for pure gold

(In the middle of the performance of "Morning Glory" at Toronto's 2008 Virgin Festival, a man suddenly appears on stage and, without warning, pushes an unsuspecting guitarist Noel Gallagher to the floor, causing a halt in the performance for several minutes )
Love how Liam runs off like a little bitch but then when the security have the guy retrained he runs over to punch him

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September 8, 2008 at 6:21 PM Evil Bob said...

Jesus thats made my day.

Notice two things though.
1. The fact that the camera man happens to be filming at that time. Fantastic quality for that type of camera as well. I suspect a plant.

2. Liam waits until he's certain the offender is properly restrained before he makes a move to strike. HMM!!!