Have You Nothing Better To Do?

Sky's rag news channel is reporting that Gordon Brown has just been in a four hour meeting with BBC bosses to discuss the Brand/Ross/Sachs situation. This is Brown's second foray into this 'scandal'. Clearly he has nothing better to be doing. With nuisances such as Iraq, recession and the day-to-day running of a country taking up so much of his precious time, it's good to see that the Prime Minister has got his priorities straight.

Why the furore over this? A comedian has made a poorly judged gag that has caused some offense- shock, horror! As if that has never happened before... The witch hunt for Ross & Brand has been ludicrous, and clearly driven by tabloid media. I'm just back from a day in England myself, and all the usual rags are adorned with cries to pretty much burn the pair at the stake. One even indulged in a little bit of pot'n'kettle style offense-causing themselves, referring in their headline to 'Jonathan Woss'. Sigh.

Since I'm a big believer in not condemning something as 'offensive' unless one has actually seen/heard the material oneself (and I'm willing to bet the vast, vast majority of those who complained to Ofcom have not), you can listen to the show that started it all in the readmore.

Part One:

Part Two:

What's a million times worse than these clips is this one from Sky's website where reporters persist on harassing Sachs as he repeatedly asks 'Is that not enough?':

Oh well, I'm sure Georgina Baillie is delighted with this kickstart to her career, and I'd imagine it's not gonna hurt Russell Brand's popularity either. I just hope the Beeb have the good sense not to drop the excellent Jonathan Ross, thus handing him on a plate to a rival network and paying out a hefty settlement for the pleasure.

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