Holy Shitting Jesus Led Zeppelin why?

Some of the worst news has been announced, that Led Zeppelin are going to go ahead and tour and possibly record without Robert Plant. Now while I think Robert Plant is a giant cock for being such a stick in the mud by giving the legions of people who loved and still love Zep just what they want, its still even more disgraceful that they might try and replace him.

Although Robert Plant wasn't quite the cog that kept the Led Zeppelin wheel turning (it's not like replacing Kurt Cobain in Nirvana or anything like that), it's still a mighty stigma to do something such as this. Especially if they're still going to go under the Zeppelin moniker.

The only possible reason I can think of for doing this is that they're trying to call Plant's bluff and trick him into agreeing. I'm not holding my breath however and I'm certainly not going to bother my hole splashing out for a ticket or even entertain the notion of travelling to see them as I was thinking of if it was a proper (ish, no Bonham obviously) reunion.

Hopefull the auditions for Plant's replacement will consist of fan after fan entering the room only to scream "Stop being cunts, you cunts" at Page and Jones

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