Restiform Bodies picks the egoeccentic hangover mixtape Vol. 40

I'm very happy to present this weeks hangover mix from the three-headed post-mod monster Bomarr, Telephone Jim Jesus, and Passage, Restiform Bodies

(all the info and download link in the read more)

01 Fennesz - Caecilia
02 Aphex Twin - Pancake Lizard
03 Amon Tobin - The Killer's Vanilla
04 The Books - All Our Base Are Belong To Them
05 Animal Collective - Winters Love
06 Broadcast - Illumination
07 Gonzales - gogol
08 E*Vax - The Process Of Leaving
09 Barry Black - Snail Trail of Tears
10 sunnO))) & Boris - The Sinking Belle
click here to download

Restiform Bodies have just released their first album in seven years, 'TV Loves You Back'. Equal parts hip-hop, pop, and new wave, the new album carries a distinctly dark feel to it, with heavy, ghettotech-style bass and lyrics spit over the mic at an aggressive pace. The album is additive- just looking at my page i've listened to it an embarrassing amount in a short time.

buy it here

Bobby Trendy Addendum - Restiform Bodies

Panic Shopper (Tobacco Remix) - Restiform Bodies

the cover of the mixtape was done for us by MYNE, you can check out more if his art on his myspace page here

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October 25, 2008 at 2:13 PM RE$TIFORM BOD1ES* Blog said...

What's a hangover mix ?

Thanks for the feedback by the way.
Nice blog you've got here. ;)

October 25, 2008 at 2:16 PM RE$TIFORM BOD1ES* Blog said...

By the way, you should check ou the J Lesser remix of "Pick It Up, Drop It" @