Snow Patrol play The Gate - Mountains move.

As I mentioned in a previous post Snow Patrol played the Gate theater on Sunday afternoon which was a totally interesting thing to see altogether. I never picked the Gate as a rock concert venue but surprisingly enough it worked really well.

For the vast majority of punters (at the gig or otherwise) the last time any of us was at the Gate was to see some play or other for Junior or Leaving cert. Personally I hadn't been there since 1995 for Pride and Prejudice. Fuck you for mocking.
Obviously my 13 year old brain remembers a larger area because the place is bloody tiny BUT this does however help fit the description of an "Intimate" gig.

Like them or loathe them Snow Patrol have done bloody well for themselves over the last 5 years. While personally I miss the Indie sounds of their first two records they can still write a tune or two, including the new single "Take Back the City".

Not knowing anything about this Gary Lightbody I was surprised to find that he's actually quite a funny guy and does the whole Lead-singer-talking-to-the-crowd thing with the right amount of self-deprecation and silliness. Plus the fact that he strips down and puts on the t-shirt pictured that somebody fucks at the stage indicates he may just know his audience.

While one or two of the tracks (chasing cars for one) are woeful which they apparently know themselves, they still have enough to entertain even a cynical cunt like me for an hour and a half. Why no Spitting Games though?

New album is out now which you can purchase legally here or illegally wherever your devious selfs normally get it no doubt.

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Take Back the City live at the Gate

Take Back the City

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