Genghis Tron: "City Whipped (Subtle Remix)"

Volume 4 of Genghis Tron's remix series
is out next month on Anticon (whats the deal with the expensive shipping cost anticon record is only 12 bucks and shipping is 24???)and Anticon buddies the sixheaded monster that is Subtle have put two Genghis Tron tracks ("City on a Hill" and "The Whips Blow Back") into the Subtle blender an what comes out is "City Whipped", Genghis Tron with a heavy aroma of Subtle.
The Genghis Tron gig in Whelans on Tuesday by the way was amazing , after Behold...the Arctopus who caused something in my brain to explode, i didnt think Genghis Tron could top them , but low and behold they did , sound was perfect , the lights that where synced with the music and even a cover of Big Black "Bad Penny" great night all round.

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