Mmm... Indie Supergroup

What do you get when you cross Arcade Fire with Beirut, through in a few dashes of respected NCY indie bands, and round things off nicely with a pinch of LCD Soundsystem?

The answer is Team B, the new project spearheaded by Arcade Fire's Kelly Pratt. The band have just released their debut album (available here), written and recorded whilst on tour with Arcade Fire & Beirut in 2007/2008.

It's always interesting to see how supergroups like this go, as I've found that the results are never exactly what you'd expect (unless you're talking about Audioslave, in fairness).

Mp3 & more after the jump...

So with a lineup that looks like this: Kelly Pratt (Beirut, Arcade Fire); Tracy Pratt (Beirut); Ryan Smith (Twin Thousands, Stars Like Fleas); Jon Natchez (Beirut, Stars Like Fleas); Jason Poranski (Beirut, FreeTime); Mike Fadem (Jealous Girlfriends) & occasionally Perrin Cloutier (Beirut) and Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire).... one would be forgiven for wondering aloud 'Exactly what the hell is this gonna sound like'?

Well, think vaguely-dangerous elevator music with catchy choruses, and strangely aggressive guitars (in a good, Weezer-y way).

Yes, I know, that makes no sense. Just check out the mp3 below and put yourself out of your misery. There's two more tracks on their myspace to further confuse you with. All good stuff though, and influences from member's other projects can be heard creeping in. It'll be interesting to hear what the whole album sounds like.

Team B - On My Mind

Cheers to B for the headsup!

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November 10, 2008 at 10:09 PM BB said...

That song is amazing.
I predict it will be on heavy rotation on my head for a good while.