MurMur Presents: Papier Tigre + Guests

If anyone been wondering what the beating heart on the right handside of the screens been all about... all is now revealed.

MurMur Presents:
Papier Tigre
Night on Earth
Realistic Train

Twisted Pepper (54 Middle Abbey Street)
30th November
7:00 PM

PAPIER TIGRE are a 3 piece rock band from Nantes, France, comprising of Eric Pasquereau (guitar/vocals), Arthur de la Grandiere (guitar), and Pierre Antoine Parois (drums). Having played together in various projects over the years (the critically acclaimed Room 204, The patriotic sunday and Argument), they finally found the opportunity to form a band and pursue their ideas in January 2006. The energy and dynamic amongst the three musicians was instant, and within the short space of a year enough material for a self-titled debut album was completed. In May of 2008 they played All Tomorrow Parties festival which that year was currated by Explosions in the Sky. They have just released there new album The Beginning And End Of Now.

Papier Tigre - Restless Empire

Papier Tigre - Amusement Park

Papier Tigre - When Will We Get to Meet the Boss?

Night on Earth bio
We met at the Sleepless night soul Club in May 2007. We've just played our first three shows and last weekend recorded what will be the bones of our first record (LP) which we hope to release in early 2009. We practice our music in Smithfield fruit and vegetable market among the olive oil and the pounded yum. We're constantly hungry. We don't know where this musical journey will take us but hopefully it will include you. Good luck.

Realistic Train bio
We are a ROCK band originally formed from members of Mongolia (Dunchee: drums, Tob Swift: bass) and Terrordactyl (Owensie Owens: guitar and vocals) while both of these bands were on hiatus, with the aim of writing some psychedelic/ stoner/ garage rock anthems to get us through the dark Irish summer. The original concept was formed more or less over a weekend at the Roadburn Fest in Holland this year, during the consumption of many good beers, blemmers, space cookies and mushrooms. By the end of the dark summer, as the sun re-emerged from the black clouds above us to waste it's distant rays upon our frost painted hills, the intitial project had taken on sufficient momentum to continue as a realistic band. The irony was not lost on each band member equally. "Ha ha ha", we laughed, heartily. Except Dunchee, who did one better and realized his long-term plan to move down under to Melbourne, Australia. In stepped Ruari Conaty, ex-fellow band member of Puget Sound with Owensie from back in the day. Out stepped Ror several gigs later to make way for Kenn Sweeney (Easpa Measa, The Boy You Hit is Dead...). Having recorded our first demo with Dunchee before he departed these shores, we now return to the rehearsal studio of reality to compose more songs from the vast bulk of material that we had generated throught the dark summer sessions. We hope to be back playing live within the next month with some new songs for y'all to sing along to. THE TRAIN IS COMING!!! ROLLING DOWN THE TRACKS INSIDE YOUR MIND!!!

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