Three things to do this Friday

So in the read more there is a selection of different things for you to do at the start of your weekend hopefully something for everyone.

FRIDAY 28th Nov
6PM til Late

PETER (7&7 is...)
B-Music is an independent collective of DJs, musicians and music lovers dedicated to the obsessive and painstaking pursual of obscure, obsolete, exquisitely obnoxious, unbelievable, underexposed and undeniably delectable discs of experimental pop music from the psyched-out sixties and seventies. provides a pocket library for discerning aficionados of fascinating rhythms from six times around the globe - unifying record collectors, beat diggers, fanatics of the avant-garde and trash-merchants alike.

Centred around the Mancunian eponymous travelling club and bar night - hosted by Andy Votel (Twisted Nerve) and Dominic Thomas - and along with twin record labels Finders Keepers and Delay 68, B-Music represents a passionate, un-blinkered approach to the culmination of way-out sounds encompassing all elements of off-kilter counter-culture: Psych Prog Space Rock Ye-Ye Euro Beat Folk Funk Jazz and Whacked Out Movie Musak, as well as cherry pickings of bugged-out cinema, design and literature in token doses."

LPX "Fashion; Not Fashion" Dublin launch

Ballroom #83 - Dälek/ Destructo Swarmbots - ALT Fri Nov 28th

Dälek has rightfully gained iconic status as one of the finest alt-hip hop bands of our time. Until recently 'resolutely underground', Dälek methodically undermines every idiotic idiom perpetuated by mainstream rap, choosing instead to blend assaultingly hypnotic rhymes with a corrosively atmospheric, electronica-inflected hard rock sensibility. Combine all this with an undeniable lyrical intelligence and absolutely no illusions about the world we live in and you've got a duo that effortlessly embraces genres--from hip hop to jazz, from jazz to metal, from metal to punk, from punk to noisecore, from noisecore back to hip hop. Think My Bloody Valentine + Tool + early Wu Tang combined with Massive Attack and Aphex Twin and you only begin to wrap your brain around what Dälek has unleashed with each album release, each collaboration, each remix…

Dälek's first release, NEGRO NECRO NEKROS (Gern Blandsten 1998) was released to overwhelming critical acclaim, artfully combining elements of Faust, the rock grit of The Velvet Underground, shoegaze-like density of Ride, and electronica beats with incisively lyrical social commentary. Dälek's second album, FROM THE FILTHY TONGUE OF GODS AND GRIOTS (Ipecac Recordings 2002) established them firmly alongside hip-hop innovators such as the Antipop Consortium and cLOUDDEAD. Come 2004, Dälek released their dense and dread-filled album ABSENCE (Ipecac Recordings 2004), which brought them their broadest critical and public attention to date. Then, in early 2007, the band released what is perhaps their greatest work: the eloquent and brooding ABANDONED LANGUAGE (Ipecac Recordings 2007).

Destructo Swarmbots is a 2 man guitar and bass entity built around Mike Mare, main noisemaker for Dälek. Sometime quiet and brooding, often searingly loud, Mare and company thread water in a cold dark sea between Sunn O))/Earth noisy drones and Fripp/Enos washed out bliss.

Northstation is Dublin musician Steve Fanagan. Steve began recording as Northstation in 1999, when he provided the soundtrack for a collection of short films. 2001 saw the release of the first Northstation album, 'plink.plonk', a collection of songs originally compiled for the din sound exhibition. This was followed by some live performances. In 2003 Steve began work on the 'Bears' album, which was released in July 2004, on risc records. Since releasing Bears, Northstation has gigged extensively playing alongside many and varied musicians. 2006 saw the release of the third Northstation album, called 'Wagtail'. In February of this year Northstation released an ep of remixes of music by bands such as Hood, Halfset, Herv and others. Steve currently works as a sound engineer and college tutor, and releases music under several different names. He also runs an excellent independent label called Slow Loris.

Melodica Deathship is a combination of rugged beats, ghostly melodica, and salty lyrical themes inspired by a dark fascination with the sea. Imagine if The Pogues, Augustus Pablo, King Tubby and Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis got together to record in the hull of an ancient galleon on a trip to hell, and you'll get the idea. It's the original and singular vision of Exile Eye, a wizened vet of the salad days of Cork hip-hop who's run the gamut from Ar La to playing with the likes of El-P and Saul Williams.

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