Zombie-Zombie pick the egoeccentic hangover mixtape Vol. 42

Great hangover mixtape this week from a great band, this weeks hangover mixtape comes from professor etienne jaumet and cosmicneman collectively know as Zombie-Zombie some great great songs on the mix and what an opening track.

01 John Carpenter - 'Assault on Preccinct 13'
02 Bot'ox - 'Crashed cadillac'
03 Raymond Scott - 'Sleepy time'
04 Turzi - 'Alpes'
05 Throbbing Gristle - 'Hot on the heels of love'
06 Silver Apples - 'A pox on You'
07 Fran├žois de Roubaix - 'Chapi Chapo'
08 Can - 'Mushroom'
09 DAF - 'der Sheriff'
10 Laurie Anderson - 'Born Never asked'

Download here

Zombie Zombie's 'driving this road until death sets you free' ep is available now on versatile records.
You can also vote for Zombie Zombie for "Best vinyl cover art of 2008" here

Zombie-Zombie Nightclubbing (Iggy Pop cover) (live at Maximum Joy )

Zombie-Zombie - Driving this road until death sets you free

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