atp fans strike back vote - first top 20

The first round of votes are in for atp fans strike back which happens in May 2009, if you dont know what im talking about well at this atp you get to vote for half the line up , the rub you cant vote for a band thats ever played atp before.Each week they will approach the top 2 bands and ask them to play the festival. If they can't do it for some reason, they will approach the next two.

1 Sufjan Stevens
2 My Bloody Valentine

3 Beirut
4 Kraftwerk

5 The Knife
6 Eels
7 MF Doom
8 Jesus and Mary Chain
9 The Magnetic Fields
10 Flight of the Conchords
11 The Flaming Lips
12 Dan Deacon
13 Death Cab For Cutie
14 M83
16 Electric Wizard
17 Jeffrey Lewis
18 Jesu
19 Robert Wyatt
20 Wolf Parade

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