'ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES' film screening & discussion! tomorrow

Tuesday 02 December at 18:00
South Dublin County Councils Public Art Programme
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Roll Up Your Sleeves:The DIY Counterculture: Film screening and discussion

(Film 27 mins long) Post film discussion Chaired by Michael Murphy with Dylan Haskins and Niall McGuirk

Screening of the debut film by 21year old Dylan Haskins and a group of his friends.The film hightlight ‘Do-It-Yourself’ counterculture from the starting point of his own group of friends and their local alternative community. The journey of discovery leads Haskins to drive a US folk punk band on their European tour and looks at the relationship between DIY ideology and european autonomous social
centres. This is contrasted with the Seomra Spraoi social centre project in Dublin and the problems they face. Independent music features as a thread throughout the film. Interviewees include Ian MacKaye of legendary alternative bands Fugazi and Minor Threat, Ellen Lupton, author of DIY: Design it Yourself and Curator of Contemporary Design at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York, Ellie and Louise Macnamara of young irish band Heathers and members of long running Dutch experimental punk band The Ex.

Produced by Project Arts Centre Dublin for Dublin Community Television.

Chair -Michael Murphy lectures on the history and economics of the music industry at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology. His areas of interest include punk rock, youth subculture, and the economic aspects of the entertainment industry.

Dylan Haskins has been involved in various ‘DIY’ cultural projects over the past 6 years, ranging from Basta! Youth Collective and more recently independent label Hide Away Records. He has frequently worked with Project Arts Centre, and was recently invited to join its Artistic Membership.

Niall McGuirk is the author of two successful fanzines: ‘Whose Life Is It Anyway?’ and ‘React.’ and ‘A Story of Hope’ a book detailing the growth and success of the D.I.Y. co-operative. He was the guiding force behind the Hope co-operative in Dublin a not for profit organisation which promoted bands such as Fugazi, No Means No, Chumbawamba, Green Day, and Therapy? in Ireland.

Roll Up Your Sleeves: The DIY Counterculture trailer

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