Estel/Mike Watt/Steve Mackay cd launch + Tenth year anniversary gig

On the 9th of Janurary Estel release their first volume of collaborations with Mike Watt (co-founder of The Minutemen and fIREHOSE, and as of 2003 bassist for the reunited Iggy Pop & The Stooges as well as many other bands) and Steve Mackay ( an American tenor saxophone player, best known for his participation on The Stooges' influential second album Fun House)
And to celebrate this Estel are playing a few dates around the country (more about the gigs at the end), but not only are they releasing this quality collaboration they're also marking Estel's 10 years together as a band which in itself is fucking huge.

As for the CD itself, well I really fucking liked it and really shows what Estel can do. The album is dark and atmospheric, sometimes slow and then jumping into full on freak out with a touch of psychedelic in the mix, this is not a band trying to play along or keep up with two legends this is full on collaboration and don't take my meandering word for it, listen for yourself.

Steve Mackay/ Mike Watt/ ESTEL - Mark

CORK- Fred's. Wednesday. JAN 7th. with das wanderlust
GALWAY- Sally Long's. Thursday. JAN 8th. with das wanderlust
DUBLIN- Lower Deck. Friday. JAN 9th.

Supporting estel on the Friday night in Dublin will be das wanderlust[uk],cian nugent and the debut performance from;the continuous battle of order[hornby and craig of we are knives].

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