Ryan Gosling Branches Out

Actor Ryan Gosling has decided to expand his repertoire in a somewhat unusual way. It's turns out that when he's not being awesome in movies like Half Nelson and Lars & The Real Girl, Mr Gosling dabbles in the world of music.

After bonding with friend Zach Shields over music and 'creepy things', the pair decided to explore both avenues by forming a band. The project, named Dead Man's Bones was completed with the addition of an unusual third band member: the Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir. The band have released a live video of their first song, In The Room Where You Sleep, and it certainly makes for interesting watching:

Dead Man's Bones plan to release their debut album, Never Let a Lack of Talent Get You Down, on their own record label this summer, and also have ambitious plans to tour the project using a different children's choir in each city they visit. The first port of call will be this year's SXSW festival in Austin, which should no doubt make for a pretty different SXSW experience.

Follow the band's evolution on their myspace.

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