This Monday (April 13th) upstairs in Whelans plays host to two Australasian bands My Disco , Scul Hazzard and then Dublins Jogging,
My Disco is a musical collaboration between Liam Andrews (bass, vocals), Rohan Rebeiro (drums) and Ben Andrews (guitar) that formed in Melbourne.Named after a Big Black song, the band contains member of the former Clann ZĂș, Days Of Iris and Heartfeltself.
SCUL HAZZARDs are a guitar based noise rock band from Brisbane, Australia. They make aggressive deconstructionist rock sometimes within pop structures, but often through acting counter to these sensibilities their most unique work is created. Regardless of what path their song writing takes they create dense songs that are complex yet accessible.
Be sure to check out Jogging myspace , they finally put up some songs for your listening pleasure

Scul Hazzards "Greater good"

My Disco myspace
Scul Hazzards myspace
Jogging Myspace

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