An intoxicated review of Synth Eastwood homemade show

Arrived at filmbase at about eight thirty to be greeting by droves of people the place was packed, after squeezing my way in and getting a free beer I had a look around at what was on offer, i must say some of the prints that where on show where very nice indeed and all at the very reasonable price of only €10 for a copy. Upstairs was a little too packed so headed downstairs where more visual treats awaited the homemade animation caught my eye and was a lot of fun, also fair city voice overs where gas (but the sound wasn't the best and was hard to make out some of what was being said).some more messing around (and missing stuff like the house of cosy cushions) later (well more drinking then messing thats where the intoxicated part of the review comes in so its all a little hazy from this point on)
When i arrived at the Button factory there where some djing playing as there was no line up posted up for what time people where playing i have no idea who they where. some beers later i turned around and the Rubberbandits where on stage spitting rhymes about Anthony's eye and bags of glue, the bandits put on a pure fun live show that you should catch ,just don't get too close (you might catch something).After some more beers and a extended trip to the smoking area i walked back into the sounds of Spilly Walker (David Kitt in a gold jacket playing with his younger brother Robbie). The electronic disco sounds of Spilly Walker but a spring in my step and i busted out some very drunk dance moves.

>>>>>>>scene missing<<<<<
I'm afraid that all i can really remember , next time i go to review something i will not drink so much lesson learned. but all in all Snyth Eastwood was a great night, the button factory was full of people and filmbase earlier in the night was jammed over capacity

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