Tyondai Braxton Uffe's Woodshop

Tyondai Braxton (guitar, keyboards, vocals in Battles) is set to release his solo album Central Market on Warp on 14th September.Uffe's Woodshop is the first track we have heard from Central Market and features vocals/whistling, kazoos, violins, violas, synths, electronics, piano, 6 guitars, bass and drums/percussion. the track sounds like battles but with a much more jazzy orchestral feel to it, it makes me think of "peter and the wolf" for some reason, in any event I'm very looking forward to Central Market.

Pre-order Central Market at Bleep.com
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July 7, 2009 at 3:18 PM Adam said...

I imagine that if John Williams and Danny Elfman took a lot of acid in the woods, they might come up with something like this.