Goodtime John’s free E.P :: Dark Slipped Its Cloak

A free download from Goodtime himself below is what he had to say about the new E.P

The songs on this EP where recorded by Phil Elverum in the Department of Safety in Anacortes, WA at the end of the summer of 2007. In between a ferocious table tennis tournament and a lot of lake swimming we got 11 songs recorded. The Songs available here are the ones I think work best. The idea I had was to have a really loose and raw feel to the songs and play with musicians who hadn’t heard the songs before (in a kind of John Wesley Harding style). Kevin Erickson played organ and some guitar, Adrian Orange played drums, Ruth Allison played bass and sang, Phil played drums, some piano and some guitar and Karl Blau popped in and did some harmonies. It’s taken a while for this to be released so I decided to give it away for free.

Download it here

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