MurMur Presents: Super Adventure Club (S) + Not Squares + SECTA ROUGE (S)

Saturday, 19 September
@ the Tap bar :: 44 King St North
Doors 8pm €8

Super Adventure Club are a hyper melodic uber-spazz triumvirate from Edinburgh, Scotland. Inspired by the likes of Pavement, Frank Zappa, Sonic Youth and the Pixies, they write infectious and fluid songs with wide use of complex instrumentalisation.
It consists of: Bruce Wallace (guitar, vocals, nord), Mandy Clarke (bass, vocals) and Neil Warrack (drums, vocals).

Not Squares are three people from Belfast who combine language, sound and non-habitual movement in order to dance, shout and sing with you.

Conceived in the early days of 2005, Secta Rouge have played many a gig across the land mass known as the UK. The music is intense,aA kind of spacemath/noisecore dilemma with influences encompassing metal, progressive rock, post-hardcore, noise and fusion.

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