Clockwork Noise Get Christmassy

Clockwork Noise are headlining The Twisted Pepper tonight, with support from BellaJane, and Biggles Flies Again, AKA Conor from The Gandhis (The Civilians are listed on the poster, but have unfortunately had to pull out).

With the season that's in it, Clockwork Noise have decided to go all festive, and record a Christmas song. The track, a cover of Elvis’ ‘Blue Christmas’, will be given away for free at the gig, along with a super-special-bonus track, all wrapped up and Christmas present-y. Yay.

Things kick off at 8PM, and tickets are €7- gig goers will also get free admission to the awesome Mr. Jones club night which is on afterwards in the Pepper.

Because it would be very 'bah-humbug' of us to deprive non-dublin folk of the chance to hear a christmas song, you can download it here. Go nuts!

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