Arcade Fire Plan a Surprise

This image has appeared on the official Arcade Fire website, linking to this website, which warns folk to be online on October 6th.

What's gonna happen? All sorts of rumors are flying around. Personally I'm siding with the LCD Soundsystem ones. The bands have been gigging together for a while, and there have been hints of collaborating on a record. I heard some time ago that LCD would cover an AF song and vice versa. The latest rumor through the mill is that LCD have remixed Neon Bible in it's entirety.

I guess either would be cool, but we'll have to wait til the 6th to find out...

*edit: As Bobby was good enough to point out over on Nialler9's blog (Niall had also mentioned, but I'm blind), the web address,
is an anagram of neon bible. Which i guess supports the remix theory.

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