Treading THAT Line

Just stumbled upon this article from the 'Bay of Fundie' blog. It had to be reposted:

"This is an old advertisement for the WTC that I found over on The Fundy Post.

"Physicists claim that the Universe is held together by four forces: Strong, Weak, Electromagnetic, and Gravitation.

"I’ve maintained for years that this is not the complete picture. There is a fifth force, one that actually powers the Universe. This fifth force is responsible for much of what happens.

"This fifth force is Irony.

"Never taunt the Universe. Just as you wouldn’t stand in the middle of an open field in a thunderstorm, never give irony an opportunity to strike you. The lightning has no intelligence and no “desire” to hit you. But there’s a buttload of electrons up in the clouds just itching for an opportunity to jump to someplace with a lower charge. You know better than to walk out into an open field to give those electrons a conduit.

"Likewise, there is a giant cloud of irony out there, just waiting to jump to a place of lower ironicness. Never say out loud “I’ve scheduled my Caribbean vacation for the week after hurricane season ends, because I don’t want a storm to ruin it.” That’s just asking for a post-season hurricane to destroy your trip.

"That brings us back to the unfortunate advertisement above."

Guffaw. Apologies..

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