Culture Night Goes Awry

A couple of weeks ago Dublin held it's first (hopefully annual) Culture Night, where the cities museums, galleries etc. stayed open throughout the night and in some cases into the wee hours. I managed to catch quite a few things on the night: wine in the Hugh Lane, a tour of the National Gallery, the bog men at the National Museum. It made for an unusual night out in town, but a great one, and one I'm looking forward to repeat next year.

The idea came from similar initiatives held in cities around Europe, and last night saw the Parisian version of the event. Unfortunately the concept's potential for trouble was finally realised when a group of drunks ran amok in the Orsay Museum. In a dazzling display of arseholery, one of the group allegedly 'punched' Monet's 'Le Pont d’Argenteuil' (above), creating a four-inch tear in the canvas. Sigh. Who wants to be 'the guy who punched a hole in a Monet'?? Idiots...

Experts reckon the painting can be restored, and hopefully there won't be any lasting damage to the event.

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