Lotsa Cool Bands Nominated for 'Woodies'

I've been looking for an excuse to post the video for 'Province' by TV On The Radio for ages, it being supergreat, and now's my chance as it's been nominated for a 'Woodie' in the Best Video category.

MTV Woodies are like the college version of the VMA's. And judging by the nominations list which has just been released, it's a damn sight better than the VMA's too. There are a helluva lot of cool bands that feature over the various categories: CSS, Bright Eyes, Justice, Modest Mouse, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (another recommendation from last night's party, this one courtesy of Carl) and of course, the amazing TV On The Radio.

Here's the video for Province:

And here's a freaking awesome performance of 'Wolf Like Me' on Letterman from a while back for the benefit of anyone who missed it on my (now defunct) Bebo page:

And for those interested in voting on the Woodies, they can do so here.

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