Top 10 Must-See Upcoming Gigs

Seeing as there are quite a few gems coming up I figured I'll knock together a 'High Fidelity-esque' Top 10. Then I realised I forgot one, so it became a top 11. Deal with it.

11. Radio Soulwax- Ambassador, 26th Oct.

At this stage everyone should know what Radio Soulwax is: 2Many DJs, mash ups, dancing and general merriment. For some odd reason despite the fact that 2many DJs seems to play here every 20 mins or so, I've still never seen em. Hopefully this time round. It's one of several gigs on this list that'd be perfectly matched with a crazy night out on the tiles.

10 Messiah J & The Expert- Crawdaddy, 21st Nov.

Messiah J is an anomaly. An Irish MC rapping about (amongst other things) Irish stuff, and not being a complete disaster. Far from it in fact- MJ&tE's recent album 'Now This I Have To Hear' is sample-iciously good. I saw the guys perform in Whelans in support of it's launch and they put on a great show. Something different from the Irish scene, and definitely something worthwhile. Here's the video for the 1st single from the album, 'Something Outta Nothing'. Enjoy.

9. Hot Hot Heat- The Village, 11th Nov.

There was a period of time for me when going out was just not as crazy unless preceded by listening to HHH's 'Make Up the Break Down' in full. It's exciting jumpy rocky guitar pop at it's very best. Checking these guys out in the Village is gonna be sweet, and I'd imagine, a rare opportunity for me to get my mosh on. Here's 'No, Not Now'.

8. Les Savy Fav- Crawdaddy, 27th Oct.

This is a Ste Foy tip, which makes it reliable. These guys are insane, and quite good too, which helps. They're promoting their third album 'Let's Stay Friends' which I haven't yet heard, but am very much looking forward to. Here's them being odd at the McCarren Park Pool Fundraiser (imagine this kind of carry-on in Crawdaddy...):

7. CSS- Olympia, 10th Dec.

One would think with the pure unbridled greatness of Cansei De Ser Sexy's debut album AND the fact that this December show will be their 3rd in Dublin this year that everyone in their right mind will surely have seen them live at this stage. One would be wrong. Mercifully, the Brazilian funk-rockers are gracing us with one last show in 2007 so these early non-believers can wipe the egg off their faces. Another entry that falls under the 'Party' category, if you're going make sure you check out the after-show shindig, which rocked last time.

6. Vic Chesnutt Band- Button Factory, 1st Dec.

Vic Chesnutt is a paraplegic alt-country musician whose backing band includes members of Fugazi, Godspeed You Black Emperor and The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra. Wow. How is it going to sound? I don't know. Quite good, I'll bet. Imagine this kinda thing:

crossed with this kinda thing:

5. The Good Life- Crawdaddy, 2nd Dec.

The Good Life is a Saddle-Creek band (one point) and a side project of Cursive's Tim Kasher (ten points). I love it when Saddle Creek bands come to town, as they're responsible for some of the best performances I've seen on Dublin stages. Also, Kasher is a bit of a genius; and although The Good Life's material is less (pause) 'intense' than Cursive's, it's no less kickass. I will be there with bells on. Here's a taster:

4. Dan Deacon- TBC, 29th, 30th Nov, 1st Dec.

Pure madness from Eletro-Punk DJ with stellar live reputation. Previous holder of the 'damn I wish I'd been to that gig' award. See here for my more detailed recent post on this series of shows.

3. Fujiya & Miyagi- Button Factory, 16th Dec.

'Transparent Things' is easily one of the albums of the year. It ticks so many boxes on the 'what's required to make a great record' form that one might reasonably start to question how exactly they managed it. But who cares, the bottom line is that it's blissful. Their show at Electric Picnic was fantabulous, so it's not unreasonable to expect the same again. It's also stinkin cheap. Do it!

2. Justice- Big Top, Phoenix Park, 1st Dec.

Justice are this decade's Daft Punk. At least that's what it says on the promo stickers for the album.....and it's not far off. Apart from the fact that it's a fairly lazy comparison (dj's, french, two of em) it's kinda on the ball. The production values are equally amazing, the beats phenomenal, and the poppy glee is there in spades. If the big top turns out to be even a half decent venue then this is THE dance gig of the year.

1. Arcade Fire- Big Top, Phoenix Park, 24th Oct.

Big surprise at number one. Arcade Fire initially made a name for themselves by being a mindblowing live act, and thanks to Ireland's exemplary network of touting scumbags it's thusfar been damn near impossible to get to any of their shows. The Big Top gigs and their increased capacity have finally turned fantasy into reality, and for the first time I can say that I will be there. Nobody needs to be told of how amazing this band is. It's so undisputed over all levels of society that it has become a scientific & mathematical fact (Arcade Fire=Great). I'm more than a tad excited. Here's them with David Bowie, who clearly has good taste:

PS...just as a heads up- there is one particular show that as of yet is still in the 'rumor' department, but if confirmed will jump straight up the list to number one with the greatest of ease. Anyone paying attention will know what I'm talking about. Fingers crossed. I'll keep you informed...

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October 13, 2007 at 5:27 PM cletus_buckley said...

Cool, didnt hear about the return of Fujiya & Miyagi and Sonic warrior Dan Deacon. I do believe
that the forthcoming show will be the 5th show Fujiya & Miyagi have played in ireland in the last 13 month. They must like it here.
Thought you have missed out on some gigs that i'm getting excited about

Archie Bronson Outfit. The Village, Tonight 13th

27 October Iron and Wine at Ambassador Theatre

Sunday October 28th Boredoms, village

1 Nov 2007 The National,

5 Nov Animal Collective, Tripod

6 Nov Deerhunter, the village
and "The Youth"'s own
Thurston Moore at Tripod - 04 December 2007


October 15, 2007 at 1:48 AM Clockwork Rob said...

Animal Collective is an interesting one all right, might have to check that one out. I've decided against Iron & Wine though... I'm so broke I have to be picky.
Cheers for the heads up Ger!