Queens Of The Stone Age Make A Funny

I kinda went off QOTSA when Josh Homme kicked Nick Oliveri out of the band- partly because the music got less kickass, but also because it appeared as if Oliveri had been given the sack for having too much fun on tour. This led to my view of Homme as a bit of a sourpuss, and generally not someone who you'd would expect to see having a laugh. This image has been shattered today with this piece of news.

Apparently QOTSA were to kick off their new tour by previewing the new songs in an intimate atmosphere for a group of recovering addicts at a Californian Rehab facility. The show was abandoned during the first song, with plugs being pulled & the band being manhandled out of the building by security. Why? Well, they opened with 'Feel-Good Hit of the Summer', of course.

Still baffled? Click me for lyrics.

Now. Let it never again be doubted.... Josh Homme is a damned legend.

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