SugarLips Spotlight No.5: Kill City Defectors

Kill City Defectors are one of the many reasons why it's so damn good to be into music in Ireland right now. They are one of a handful of acts who have redefined the Irish scene by approaching it in a particular way- with originality, a cracking live show and (above all) bloody great songs.

I came across KCD's during my first foray into the world of myspace, and on listening felt immediately obliged to seek out as much of their stuff as I could buy. So, they were one of the first of the 'new wave' of Irish bands that the internet brought to me... and for that I am grateful.

So what do they sound like? I'll hazard a description: Take one part indie-guitar-rock, add some sharp keyboard playing, throw in some stomping loudness, occasionally a good old fashioned sing-along chorus, a tad more rock, then finish it off with a hefty dose of funk (everybody loves funk..). What more could anyone ask for?

The Defectors have just released their debut album, 'Mutiny Sounds', and it's not to be missed. You can purchase it online here, and if you do so now you'll have just about a day to digest it before their SugarLips performance this weekend.

In fairness, you won't need that much time. You'll be singing along by tomorrow.

Kill City Defectors headline the SugarLips Festival in Bray this Friday, Nov 16th.

Click me to check out 'So Lo'. It Rocks.

Click me to check out Kill City Defectors on myspace.

Keep checking the SugarLips myspace profile for details.

Here's the video for the Defectors latest single, 'Black Sheep':

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