SugarLips Lineup Announced

The lineup and details for Bray's SugarLips Festival was announced today. The festival is being held next weekend (Fri 16th & Sat 17th of November) in The Tube in Dusty Millers on the Quinsboro Road.

It's a festival! In a pub! So no crappy portaloos or dodgy leaky tents! What more could you possibly want?

Over the two nights 8 bands will grace the stages of the Tube, led on Friday night by the fantastic Kill City Defectors, and on Saturday by the awesome Abam. As is the way with festivals, one ticket covers both nights, and can be bought on the door for 10 euro.

Clockwork Noise will be opening the Friday night proceedings with our first show in donkeys years. Also on the lineup are Vimanas, Enemies, Forward More & Saints of Decent- with more still to be announced! This really is pure unbridled madness, so non-attendance could only be the act of a true fool.

Here's Kill City Defectors' video for 'Messed Up', one of the many humdingers off their debut album 'Mutiny Sounds' which is available now. Buy it here.

Coming up in the next week in addition to regular programming: more info on the build up to SugarLips, and spotlights on the bands involved.

Keep checking the SugarLips Myspace profile for updates!

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November 9, 2007 at 1:06 AM Tessa said...

hey robola!

just came across your blog...

listen, i'm in dublin from christmas to the 4th of janurary or so... do you have any gigs around then? can we hang out anyway? would be great to catch up with kool (ie: you) and the gang!